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Let’s Achieve More Together

Hey, we know how hard it can be to convince someone to take a leap and spend the extra cash at work. We are here to help you! Below is a letter you can send to management to convince them to let you attend the conference and pay for it! Better yet you can also convince them to take a team and add 4 or more tickets to your cart to earn 15% automatically at checkout.

Good luck!


Good morning [insert supervisor’s name],

This past weekend I came across the Achieve Conference I would like to attend to bring strategies and lessons learned back to [insert your organization]. I am excited to brainstorm with the staff about how attending this conference and achieving goals can improve our marketing strategy and help us get ahead of our competition. It would be an excellent opportunity for me, as a professional, in helping bring innovative methods and actionable tips back to implement. At this conference, the workshops will share strategies to improve our social media presence and learn tips to grow our business.

Attendees at the conference are promised to learn about growing on social media platforms and increasing profits for small businesses. The networking alone will help us spread the word of our brand.

Below is the list of sessions I’d like to attend and their key takeaways:


Learning how to create content to extend our reach on social media can be priceless in today’s world. Getting ahead of our competition in this field is ideal.


I have done my research and this tool can help our company communicate in-house easier and help us save time. Learning from an expert at Trello would be a great learning opportunity.

The cost to attend the conference will be the registration fee, travel expenses, and hotel. The cost breakdown is listed below:

Conference Fee: $349

Airfare: to be determined roughly $400

Travel to and from BWI Airport: $50

Transportation to and from Hotel via shuttle: $60

Hotel: $129 per night 

This is an opportunity to network with industry leaders and attend valuable educational sessions to gain knowledge and implementation practices. 

Thank you for your consideration and I hope we can discuss more this week!

Sign Off with something witty and powerful you’ve got this 🙂