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Kelly McCaster

Editorial Director of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine


Kelly began her career path some 35 years ago as a social worker in the adoption field. Bumpy roads led her to pursue sales as a way to provide for her two sons as a single mom, and she found that her skills from one field easily translated to another. However, being creative at heart, she longed for a way to express her creativity outside of work. She opened an online scrapbooking and card-making shop, had a craft space in a local vintage shop, and later an online flea market finds shop. Finally after complete burnout and realizing life quickly passes us by, she resigned her “real job” and set out to find a way to live a creative life. Teaching herself photography, how to use social media platforms, WordPress, listening to inspiring podcasts, taking courses, and reading oodles of books, she unknowingly was preparing herself for her future. In 2016, after a move to a 400 square foot place at the beach in Laguna Beach, CA, an editor from Engaged Media reached out to her via Instagram for a feature in Flea Market Decor Magazine. After a cover and a full spread appeared, others contacted her and her home ended up in 7 national publications over the years. Keeping in touch with the team from Engaged Media led to a part-time employment offer in 2019. She is now Editorial Director of Cottages & Bungalows Magazine, Flea Market Decor Holiday Magazine, and Holiday Decor Magazine.